Juventus eyeing Martial loan

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Manchester United’s French forward Anthony. Martial is set to leave Manchester United after being reduced to a substitute and disappointing on the pitch a lot.

Previously, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still trusted Anthony Martial to start the field continuously. Although at first it may have performed quite satisfactory. But with many problems. It made Anthony Martial’s performance worse.

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo the role of Anthony Martial has been reduced to only a reserve. Plus news of the team moving out continuously. Previously, it was Inter Milan who wanted Anthony Martial to join the team to replace the missing position of Romelu Lukaku moved to Chelsea. Manchester United do not want to let Anthony Martial leave the team in the hopes of returning to perform well again.

But in the end, Anthony Martial has yet to get a chance to play. It seems like Anthony Martial is starting to be unhappy until the news of the transfer is starting to look quintessential. Juventus hoping to draw Anthony Martial. He joined the team on loan before buying for 25 million pounds. But Manchester United want 38 million pounds for Anthony Martial.