Kulusevski is going through a difficult time.

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Juventus right-wing Sweden’s Dejan Kulusevski admits he is facing a difficult time. After he was rarely given a chance to play for Juventus.

After his loan at Parma expires, Dejan Kulusevski is hoping to become a key figure at Juventus. It looks like Dejan Kulusevski will do well. Relatively satisfying to get the opportunity to play continuously under Andrea Pirlo’s team. But with a disappointing performance at Juventus. The team manager to make way for the new manager to come.

The entry of Massimiliano Allegri immediately put Dejan Kulusevski out of a difficult period. He was rarely in the starting XI with Dejan Kulusevski coming on for Juventus. Tous has already made 15 appearances in all competitions. He was a substitute for 13 prompting news of Dejan Kulusevski’s transfer to emerge immediately. It is Arsenal are hoping to draw Dejan Koo. Lusevski joined the team because Arsenal had plans to release many surplus players in January.

In which Dejan Kulusevski admits that he is facing a very difficult time. After not getting a chance to play in the starting XI Dejan Kulusevski said in an interview. I only want to play but now I I haven’t played as much as I should. I have to solve this problem in order to come back stronger. He is the main character of Juventus.