Mano Polking emphasizes that the Thai national team will continue to beat Vietnam in the second round of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 semi-finals.

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On December 25, 2021 at 11:30 am Thailand time, AFF or ASEAN Football Federation held a press conference before the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 semi-final second leg match between the Thai national UFABET team and the Vietnamese national team

The situation in the first game, the Thai national team defeated Vietnam 2-0 first from Chanathip Songkrasin’s two goals. The Thai national team has sent Mano Polking, the head coach of the Thai national football team, and midfielder Thanawat Suengchitthaworn, a talented midfielder, to attend the press conference.

At the press conference Mano PolkingSaid. With only 2 days to prepare, I probably won’t be able to practice much. Will focus on the analysis from the first game What Thailand is good at and what needs to be done to be better. The important thing is that the 2-0 lead is a dangerous score. If Vietnam scores, they have their confidence back. So we must concentrate. Do not concede goals and play well in the first half of the first game. 

“Personally, I’m not very happy with the second half but because of the tactics itself to focus more on compact games thus causing heavy pressure from Vietnam They had multiple chances to hit the beam and hit the pole. It means that the plan that is not very effective has to be improved in this game.”

“In the matter of VAR It’s good to make football with good quality. But it must be done in the correct way like foreign leagues do. Parts from the first game with comments many vietnamese fans. I think that even with VAR The result of the decision will be the same as before. It didn’t help the decision to change. In addition, if talking about VAR. Thai should also get a new penalty shootout because the Vietnamese goalkeeper does not stand on the line. However, I do not want to focus on the judge’s decision. Because in the game there are many things to analyze and focus on the game better.”

“I don’t think Thailand and Vietnam are better quality. Because both teams have good teams. good player resources And there are clear guidelines for playing. As for Chanathip, we know his quality very well and performed very well. In the first game, it was nice to have Chanathip in the team. And hope to perform well again in the second game which will be a difficult game Have to play as a team throughout the 90 minutes, but some say that it is a dangerous game and must concentrate to be “

,” Formation of Vietnam that is different from the first match. Because now the score starts with Thailand leading 2-0, I think Vietnam should use the same plan in the second half. Wingback pushed up and attacked more and moved more of Nguyen Guang Hai into the middle. which the Thai team has to analyze at each point well Along with tutoring the team to deal with all the systems that Vietnam can use In addition, it will return to play in its own way like a good first half game. Do not pack too much in the second half the game, then “

side.Thanawat Suongchitthavorn, the Thai national team midfielder, said, “Everyone in the team is very confident. But I believe that the second game will be difficult for sure. However, I am confident that the team has good quality to go through to the finals.”