McManaman urges Liverpool not to sign Bowen

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Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman has revealed that Liverpool should not bring Jarrod Bowen to the club because it is a not worth the money deal. Although Jarrod Bowen has arrived. He is still uncertain. Will be given the opportunity to enter the field or not.

I have to admit that Jarrod Bowen was a player who made a very outstanding performance in the 2021/22 season. It has now stepped up to be the main character of West Ham United. Of West Ham United, it’s quite brutal until now it’s up to 3rd in the table. Of course, with this level of work. Jarrod Bowen has been the focus of the top teams in the battle. English Premier League especially Liverpool want Jarrod Bowen to join the team.

Even though Liverpool is a team with a very strong attacking game. Especially the three in the front line that has stood as the main one for many years. It has been an important part of helping Liverpool achieve a lot of success. But Liverpool still want players to come in. Strengthening the attack anyway, with Jarrod Bowen being one of Liverpool’s targets, but Steve McManaman is not okay with Liverpool bringing Jarrod Bowen to the team because it’s a deal. that is not worth how much

“Jarrod Bowen is a great player and has performed very well at West Ham United, but I don’t agree that Liverpool will bring him in because there is no guarantee that Jarrod. Bowen will be given the opportunity to play continuously despite his outstanding form, with Liverpool having strong attacking performances with Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto. Firmino also has Diogo Jota, so there is no need for Liverpool to bring in Jarrod Bowen.