Rodgers not worried about Schmeichel and Fofana transfer

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Northern Irish manager Brendan Rodgers has said he is not concerned about the transfer of Kasper Schmeichel. Wesley Fofana has previously said he is considering splitting up Leicester City.

Although Leicester City have risen to the top of the English Premier League fully. Last season just won the FA Cup. But Leicester City’s standards are still far away. With a lot of other teams and missing the opportunity to win a ticket to the UEFA Champions League for two consecutive seasons. Leicester City will hope to return to the Champions League. But with a disappointing performance in the 2021 season. It makes the chances of Leicester City going to the UEFA Champions League look very dim.

In addition, previously it was Kasper Schmeichel confirmed that he would not quit playing with Leicester City for sure. Because he wanted a challenge in his career. Even after entering the end of his career. There is also Wesley Fofana are now starting to think about a transfer in hopes of a successful career. But both Kasper Schmeichel and Wesley Fofana Considered as a key player for Leicester City. Leicester City do not want to let both of them leave the team.

Brendan Rodgers is not worried about the ongoing transfer news of Kasper Schmeichel. Wesley Fofana earlier in the day by Brendan Rodgers. Kasper Schmeichel has been at Leicester City for a long time. So I’m not worried about his attitude at all, including Wesley Fofana and it’s very normal for a lot of players. Hoping to play in the high-level arena, but that doesn’t mean they’ll leave the team soon.”